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We offer clients a complete range of services for their Italian automobiles. These Include:


Whether its a simple oil change, tune up, wheel alignment, or a break, clutch or timing belt replacement, we have the knowledge and capability to fully service your vehicle. We have SD1, SD2, and OBD2 scanners to diagnose most modern Italian cars.


Complete Overhauls

We rebuild all components in Italian cars. These include, but are not limited to engines, transmissions, and differentials. We have four lifts and all the tools necessary to take anything apart, refurbish it and put it back together without ending up with extra parts.




Whether its just tidying up your Italian car or performing a full restoration, we are equipped for such challenges. We have a wide array or welders, lathes, tumblers, blasters, etc to clean and restore your baby to its pristine condition.


At Dino Motors we also diagnose and repair electrical systems problems in all Italian cars. Our extensive collection of scopes allows us to quickly pinpoint electrical issues.


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